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Sharethrough products are built on human behavioral research studies, resulting in better performance for advertisers.

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It's Easy: Automatically Enhance Video Ads When You Target Sharethrough
Lead With High Performing Video—

Key Benefits of our CTV & Video Enhancements

Lift in Consumer Attention & Message Comprehension*

12% increase in attention with CTV Dynamic QR Codes.

50% lift in message comprehension with Dynamic Video Captions.

No Extra Costs for Advertisers

Access better performance without spending a dime. Enhancements are free with any CTV or Video spend on the Sharethrough Exchange (STX).

Simple & Automated Implementation

Automatically add QR Codes with custom branding and call-to-action options.

Automatically add human-verified captions to video ads.

* Sharethrough Research: “Understanding Consumer Behaviors During TV Commercial Breaks” December 2021
* Sharethrough Research: “Research Reveals Growth in Muted Videos & Captions Across All Screens” June 2021
Sharethrough Premium Technology Innovation—

Introducing our First-to-Market Opportunities

CTV Dynamic QR Codes

Our product automatically adds QR Codes within CTV ads when targeting Sharethrough Exchange.

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Dynamic Video Captions

Sharethrough Dynamic Video Captions are a feature where captions animate in the headline space where user’s attention is focused.

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In The Press—

A Product Suite That Has People Talking

Our exclusive video products have gained some attention in the press. See what they are saying in the articles below:

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Videos With Dynamic Captions Simply Perform Better

Maximize the Performance of Your Video Campaigns

Standard Video Ad

No context
Interrupted user experience
Low ad recall

Dynamic Captions

Better comprehension
Higher engagement
Better user experience
Optimized ad recall
56% comprehension
13% brand awareness
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The Attention Problem With TV—

How Dynamic QR Codes Can Improve Attention & Effectiveness of Connected TV Ads


of consumers do not pay active attention to TV ads. Once a commercial starts they are most likely to:


Take out
their phone

Switch the

the room

Mute their


The same percentage of people would likely scan a QR Code on a TV ad if the ad is relevant to them.

76% Blue - pie graph
Case Study—

We Tested Commercials With and Without QR Codes on Real Consumers

The result? Consumers that watched a commercial with a QR Code were 12% more likely to pay attention.

Without QR Code
With QR Code
Increase In Attention
Turnkey Activation—

Automatically Add QR Codes or Captions When You Target Sharethrough

No additional lift for ad buyers and integrated directly in all major DSPs.

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All This At No Additional Cost

Sharethrough believes enhancements like this only mutually benefit advertisers
and consumers, so we include them standard without any increase in CPMs.

Build Your CTV Ad—

CTV Dynamic QR Codes Enhancement Specs

Video File

1080p Quality (HD preferred)
VAST, .mov or .mp4


Text copy, max 50 characters

Destination URL of the QR Code

Optional: click tracker

Sharethrough Icon outline SVG


Background color

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