Ads That Fit In

Sharethrough powers modern programmatic display & video ads designed to fit in and stand out.

Empowering marketers and publishers to easily modernize their advertising strategies to reach and respect their audience.

The Secret Sauce

We’re picky about the placements we choose. Once we've found a place for an ad to live, our tech goes to work. It applies a Dynamic Ad Template to adapt the message to fit in to the look and feel of its surroundings, driving the best possible performance.

Hand-curated inventory

Proprietary ad template technology

Better performance

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Headlines result in 2X more visual focus


Headlines result in 2X more visual focus†


Headlines yield 308X more consumer attention†


Native ads registered an 18% higher lift in purchase intent‡

Sharethrough Native Ads

Scale Without Sacrifice

Perfectly designed native ads that scale to reach any audience

40B impressions per month
 (3X YOY Growth)

203 million uniques
 (320 million Global)

Native Video, Display and Rich Media

2.8x Higher CTR than Native Competitor

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Bringing The Best Of Native To Traditional Display And Video

Enhanced Ads are for buyers seeking the performance benefits of native using the creative assets you already have. Simply target Sharethrough as a standard display or standard outstream source and your ads will automatically fit in and perform.

28% More Clicks

21% More Time Spent

33% Higher Brand Lift

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Enhanced Ad

Native Display

Native Display

Native Video

Native Video

Native Rich Media

Native Rich Media

Enhanced Display

Enhanced Display

Enhanced Outstream

Enhanced Outstream

The Modern Version of Every Ad Format

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What's In It For


Sharethrough’s header bidding adapters for Prebid and Index provide turnkey access to premium native demand. With these bidders, publishers can maximize revenue at scale, while focusing on high-quality native ads.


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