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Scope3 Introduces GMP+, Industry’s First Product to Prevent Problematic Placements; Sharethrough to Launch Today

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Identifying and blocking wasteful placements improves performance and significantly reduces carbon emissions.

11 April 2024 — NEW YORK — Scope3, the market leader in sustainable advertising, introduced GMP+, a standardized media offering that will protect advertisers from problematic placements. Examples of problematic placements include ads that load outside the viewable area of the browser and ads that reload frequently.

These practices are unsustainable because every ad that loads uses significant electricity to hold real-time auctions across thousands of bidders. Additionally, these practices are harmful to advertisers because consumers never see ads that load off-screen or ignore those that reload quickly, wasting both money and carbon.

GMP+ is the industry’s first to use placement as the foundation, made possible due to broad adoption of the recent Global Placement ID (GPID) standard.

“We’ve been talking for years about problematic placements and their negative impact on advertisers and the environment,” said Scope3 CEO Brian O’Kelley. “With the launch of GMP+, we have the technological capability to protect advertisers, consumers, and the planet from these unsustainable practices.”

Kyle Vidasolo, President of Outcomes at Omnicom Media Group US said, “GMP+ is at the crossroads of efficiency, performance, and sustainability, all critical aspects of media investment today. This kind of innovation will drive better results for brands and advertisers while promoting a better, more sustainable ecosystem, which needs to be the new standard for our industry.”

Sharethrough, the industry’s leading sustainable advertising ecosystem, is the first to bring GMP+ to its customers.

"In continuation of Sharethrough's GreenPMPs, launched two years ago in partnership with Scope3 with the objective of decarbonizing digital advertising and already widely adopted by thousands of brands, GreenPMP+ allows us to take a step further in improving performance and making advertising more sustainable. It’s pretty much a no-brainer for our clients—who doesn’t want better performance and a greener planet?” said Sharethrough CMO Benoit Skinazi.

Like standard Green Media Products (GMPs), GMP+ also blocks made for advertising (MFA) websites and leverages the Scope3 emissions model to block high carbon inventory. Learn more about GMP+ here.

About Scope3

Scope3 is on a mission to decarbonize media and advertising. Scope3 makes it easy for everyone in the advertising ecosystem to visualize, measure, and reduce their carbon emissions. This is made possible with Scope3’s first-of-its-kind emissions model developed from open-source methodology to precisely measure the complex and interconnected advertising ecosystem. The model sits at the core of Scope3’s collaborative sustainability platform and every emissions reduction solution offered by the company, including Climate Shield and Green Media Products (GMPs). Scope3 is a Public Benefit Corporation with a global team of researchers, technologists, and digital advertising pioneers distributed across North America, Europe, and APAC, tackling the biggest challenge of our generation: the climate crisis. Learn more at