Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Sharethrough

At Sharethrough, we strive for a diverse, unique, open and caring company culture. Our ongoing goals and objectives reflect our efforts to consistently embed diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives into our company culture.

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Encouraging Belonging—

DEI at the Forefront of Our Company Values

The collective sum of our experiences, knowledge, talent, self-expression & unique capabilities that Sharethrough employees bring to their work make up the core of our company culture.

We fully embrace employees’ differences in age, ethnic origin, race, religion - and the multitude of other areas that make us all unique.

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Defining Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Means at Sharethrough

A Closer Look at the Numbers—

Sharethrough Workplace Demographics

Demographic Ethnicity Diversity

The way we treat identity is increasingly misaligned with the complex ways employees — as well as customers, clients, and other stakeholders — see themselves.

At Sharethrough, we aim to create a diverse culture of individuals with different interests, strengths and identities. We have taken concrete steps to diversify our workforce, notably by conducting culture bias training for all hiring managers and recruiters.

Demographic Ethnicity in Canada

Demographic Ethnicity in the US

Gender Equality

Studies have shown that companies with gender-diverse leadership can outperform their competition. Equality and gender diversity are also linked to attracting and retaining talent.

Women account for a large proportion of the workforce, and this should be scaled to all positions, whether entry-level or executive, throughout the company. Sharethrough aims to improve upon gender equality, particularly in the adtech space. We are working hard to fill positions of all levels by minimizing gender bias.

Gender Distribution in Canada

Gender Distribution in the US

A Team Effort—

Our Game Plan: Awareness, Inclusivity & Transparency

The meter outlined below describes in detail the concrete steps we have taken towards improving awareness, caring and growth of diversity, equity and inclusion at Sharethrough.

Where We Are Now

Step 1: Ask for Feedback

Poll & Survey to Employees

When it comes to DEI, there are endless options for actions you can take in regards to generating a positive work environment.

In 2022, we asked employees what they want Sharethrough as a company to focus on, to make sure we were addressing the needs of employees and steering the ship in the right direction. After compiling the results from our surveys, we put our action plan in place and started tackling important items, one after another.


Step 2: Organization Practices & Awareness

DEI Awareness for Employees

One of the main requests from employees was to gain knowledge surrounding DEI issues. We decided to partner up with CultureAlly, an organization specializing in building inclusive workplace cultures where employees do their best work. Sharethrough's DEI committee worked alongside CultureAlly to provide our team members with relevant training and workshops, as well as weekly newsletters to help raise awareness on a variety of DEI topics.

Collect Data

Continuing to build a diverse workplace is important to us. In order to hold ourselves accountable and continue moving in the right direction we've begun to continuously assess our population and track our progress.


Step 3: Recruitment Practices

Cultural Misfit Education & BiasTraining

In order to have a diverse demographic population at Sharethrough, we need to ensure our recruitment practices are fair and inclusive. All interviewers now take a Bias & Cultural misfit education training course. We also continue to  improve our recruitment practices based on best practices.

Inclusive Verbiage

Inclusive verbiage for job descriptions, extend to best practices internally.

Run Job Descriptions Through a Gender Decoder

We do our best to identify and eliminate any gender bias or language that may be unintentionally present in the description. This promotes equal opportunities for all genders and creates a more inclusive hiring process.

(We Are Here)

Where We Are Going

Step 4: Transparency, Awareness & Progression

Transparency, Awareness & Progression

In the months and years to come, we are determined to remain transparent with Sharethrough employees, vigilant and aware of the direction that we are leading our company in, and pushing progress forward.

Transparency: Quarterly and yearly updates for Sharethroughers on our progression towards a diverse & inclusive environment.

Awareness: Frequently revisiting our DEI game plan, and remaining up-to-date on DEI issues and best practices in the workplace.


To Reach a Fully Diverse, Equal & Inclusive Company

We believe there is always work to be done for DE&I. Although we would love to reach this point, we know and will continue to work towards our inclusivity goals.

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