Carbon Emissions Estimator

The following estimation is based on averages from hundreds of millions impressions delivered with Sharethrough GreenPMPs , as well as data from Scope3 measurement methodology.

This tool has been built to raise awareness on carbon emissions generated by digital media campaigns. However, please note that many factors can impact your carbon footprint (increase or decrease) such as the specific publisher inventory that is targeted, the effectiveness of the Supply path, the creative, etc.

Tips, Tricks & Resources to Reduce Your Campaign's Carbon Footprint

Make Your Display Ads More Sustainable
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[Infographic] Research Reveals Consumer Understanding of Advertising’s Impact on Carbon Emissions
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Why Scope 3 Emissions Matter the Most for the Digital Advertising Industry

About GreenPMPs™

Discover GreenPMPs™ by Sharethrough, the first SSP to offer media with net zero carbon emissions. GreenPMPs™ are part of an initiative to decarbonize digital advertising with Green Media Products.

We Are Building a Green Digital Advertising Supply Chain

For every campaign delivered on Sharethrough GreenPMPs™, Scope3 measures the carbon emission of the entire programmatic supply chain, then allocates part of the media cost towards high quality carbon removal projects.

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