Discover the 'Net Zero Publisher Program' by Sharethrough

A unique industry initiative to help publishers quickly gain a clear picture of their carbon footprint and take action towards net zero targets.

6 out of 10

US Internet users are more inclined to visit websites that are certified carbon-neutral.

       Source: Sharethrough, Consumer Perception of Internet Emissions, August 2023. 

The Media & Advertising Industry Has Begun to Take Climate Action...

May 2022

Agency Holdcos

Reviewing their media processes through the lenses of emissions.

Ad Tech Companies

Started to launch and scale Green Media Products.

The Industry

As a whole have launched strong sustainability initiatives.


Has emerged as an early leader for sustainable media.


However, the media & advertising industry won’t succeed at becoming net-zero without getting publishers onboard...

Introducing the 'Net Zero Publisher Program' by Sharethrough

Developed in partnership with measurement company 51toCarbonZero, this exclusive and unique initiative from Sharethrough aims to help publishers gain an accurate understanding of their carbon footprint as a company, allowing them to set net zero targets.

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What’s In It for You?

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Measurement Costs Covered for Year 1
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Understand Your Company’s Carbon Footprint
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Be Part of our 'Path to Net-Zero Marketplace'

What Others Are Saying About the 'Net Zero Publisher Program'

Join our partnering brands, agencies and publishers to help us build a cleaner digital advertising ecosystem.

"At IPG Mediabrands, we’re committed to improving the sustainability of advertising and supporting the Net Zero Publisher Program which helps accelerate the availability of SBTi-approved media inventory by 2025. We’re proud to recognize Sharethrough as the go-to advertising exchange to help publishers, agencies and brands alike achieve this goal."

Martin Bryan
Global Chief Sustainability Officer, IPG Mediabrands

"Hearst Newspapers is fully committed to sustainable practices and is proud to partner with Sharethrough to further our shared dedication to a greener future. Our dedication to a more sustainable ecosystem aligns with our strategic pillars, as responsible environmental stewardship is an integral part of our business.”

Michael Irenski
VP Programmatic Revenue, Hearst Newspapers

“Sharethrough’s Net Zero Publisher Program aligns perfectly with our goals of building a cleaner, more sustainable advertising ecosystem. The program creates a turnkey way for publishers to set and achieve net-zero carbon emissions, without initial measurement costs, which will have a lasting impact on the larger industry as well as our bottom line.”

Ben Skinazi
CMO, Sharethrough

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We Believe We Can Build a Sustainable Media Ecosystem

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Sharethrough is committed to reach net‑zero emissions by 2030.

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We organized the Industry-first Green Media Summit and launched free tools like the Carbon Emissions Estimator.

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Sharethrough launched Low-Emission PMPs, allowing brands to minimize their emissions by focusing on low‑emission placements.

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Sharethrough GreenPMPs™ is an industry-first programmatic Green Media Product allowing brands to deliver carbon‑neutral programmatic campaigns at scale.

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Research on Decarbonizing Digital Advertising

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On a Mission to Unify the Industry Towards Net-Zero

Winning the battle against climate change will require individual and collective actions. And because the need for action is indisputable, Sharethrough organized the first-ever Green Media Summit in 2023 in New-York City, bringing together industry leaders from brands, agencies and publishers.

Through keynotes, fireside chats and panels, attendees learn about the impact of media on sustainability, and most importantly, how our industry has the ability to turn conversations into actions and build a greener media ecosystem.

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Access exclusive video content on the Green Media Summit website.

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