Leading the Path Towards Sustainable Advertising & Media

In June 2022, Sharethrough became the first ad exchange to launch Green Media Products in order to help the industry lower the carbon footprint of their digital campaigns.

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Since then, the company hasn’t stopped intensifying its efforts to create a more sustainable ad tech ecosystem. Track our progress →

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We are not alone in the journey to decarbonize digital advertising

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Our 3-Step Approach to Decarbonize Media

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Step 1

Measure Your Carbon Emissions

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Calculate CO2 emissions to set you on the path to reduce and compensate

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Get detailed reporting of the carbon emissions generated by your campaigns

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Use our carbon emissions estimator tool

Carbon Emissions Estimator →

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CO2 Diagram
Sharethrough leverages ClimateShield by Scope3to identify & block high-emission domains.
Step 2

Reduce Ad Campaign Emissions with GreenPMPs™ and GreenPMP+™

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Automatically remove high-emissions and MFA websites

Placement-level optimization to remove problematic placements

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Access Scope3’s ClimateShield Technology

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Easy-to-activate via any DSP

Discover GreenPMP+™

GreenPMPs+™ helps advertisers to further reduce their campaign carbon emissions while still meeting performance goals by protecting them against problematic placements.

Learn More About GreenPMP+™ →

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Step 3

Achieve Carbon-Neutrality

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Compensate via carbon removal projects

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The Green Icon signifies campaign was delivered through a green supply path

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Transparent reporting on carbon emissions & compensation

Active Brands Using GreenPMPs™

Metric Tons of CO2e Compensated

Track our Progress Decarbonizing Digital Advertising→

Offset Carbon Emissions From Campaigns via Carbon Removal Projects

Scope3’s portfolio of high quality carbon removal projects are powered by CarbonDirect.

Direct Air Capture
Carbon Soil Storage

Research on Decarbonizing Digital Advertising

Read More on Sustainability→
Building Actionable Goals—

On a Mission to Unify the Industry Towards Net-Zero

Winning the battle against climate change will require individual and collective actions. And because the need for action is indisputable, Sharethrough organized the first-ever Green Media Summit in 2023 in New-York City, bringing together industry leaders from brands, agencies and publishers.

Through keynotes, fireside chats and panels, attendees learn about the impact of media on sustainability, and most importantly, how our industry has the ability to turn conversations into actions and build a greener media ecosystem.

Tools for Advertisers—

Estimate Your Campaign's Carbon Emissions

Understanding the level of carbon emissions generated by programmatic campaigns isn’t easy. Sharethrough created a free carbon emissions estimator tool which enables advertisers to estimate their campaign's carbon emissions and start taking actions to reduce them.

Calculate Your Campaign's Emissions

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