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Maximize Your Video Campaign Performance With Dynamic Captions

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Watching Videos On Mute Is the New Normal

% Who Often Keep Device on Mute While A Video Plays

People Prefer Videos With Captions

% More Likely to Watch Videos With Captions By Device


Of people are more likely to watch a mobile video if it has captions


Of people are more likely to watch a video on their computer if it has captions


Of people are more likely to watch TV with captions turned on

Introducing Dynamic Captions by Sharethrough

Maximize the Performance of Your Video Campaigns

Standard Video Ad

No context
Interrupted user experience
Low ad recall

Dynamic Captions

Better comprehension
Higher engagement
Better user experience
Optimized ad recall
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Videos With Dynamic Captions Simply Perform Better

Survey Results From 750 People Exposed to Video Ads With and Without Captions

Video With No Captions



Brand Awareness

Video With Dynamic Captions in Headline



↗ 56% increase


Brand Awareness

↗ 13% increase

Built By & For Real Humans

Accurate, AI-generated captions


Increase in video comprehension

Accessible to deaf and hearing impaired individuals

Easy Implementation

The good news is you don’t need to do anything. We’ll just add captions to your live videos and report back on how it improves KPI’s since initial data is showing improvement in KPI’s like completions and clicks.

Activation Details & Expected Performance

Efficient Pricing
$7 CPM

*Bid rate may fluctuate if layering multiple data segments

Efficient CPCV

40% lower than industry average

Brand Lift
2.5 X

Brand Lift Than Industry Benchmarks

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