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Native Ads Vs Banner Ads

Native Ad Research from IPG & Sharethrough Reveals that In-Feed Beats Banners

Ad Effectiveness Study Reveals Native Ads Drive More Attention and Brand Lift Over Traditional Display

Sharethrough/IPG Media labs surveyed 4,770 consumers and used latest eye-tracking technology to assess the attention of 200 consumers to better understand users visual attention and attitudes clearly for native ads vs standard banner ads.

Native ads are defined by advertising formats that are consistent with the form, style and voice of the platform they appear on. Major social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Tumblr, have focused their monetization strategies around these new forms of online ads. Increasingly, top web publishers are deploying these new “native” ad formats, in an effort to lift ad performance and drive better user experiences. The IPG Media Lab/Sharethrough controlled experiment used both native ads and standard banner ads to promote the same brand advertising campaigns across top web publishers.

Key Findings

• Consumers looked at native ads 53% more frequently than display ads.
• 25% more consumers were measured to look at in-feed native ad placements (the most common editorial native ad format) than display ad units.
• Native ads registered 18% higher lift in purchase intent and 9% lift for brand affinity responses than banner ads
• 32% of respondents said the native ad “is an ad I would share with a friend of family member” versus just 19% for display ads.

Native Ads Are More Visually Engaging than Traditional Display Ads

The study showed that users visual attention clearly was superior for native ads than standard banners.

Native Ads Drive Higher Brand Lift Than Traditional Banner Ads

The study showed that native ads drove higher brand lift for all campaigns. Interestingly, the delta was even more pronounced for respondents who had previously bought a product from the advertiser.

Native Ads Are Consumed the Same Way People View Editorial Content

The study showed that users visual attention for native ads was nearly equivalent to the visual engagement of original editorial content.