Women’s History Month: Celebrating Women In Ad Tech

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March 10, 2021
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Throughout history, women have contributed greatly to make the world a more inclusive place in the public sphere. Their perseverance has allowed the women of today the opportunity to step into new roles and positions to make change for the better in the workplace. Today, women all over the world are transforming the landscape of one of the most fast-paced, evolving industries out there: ad tech.

In celebration of Women’s History Month & International Women’s Day, we’re putting the spotlight on the women who have made tremendous strides & contributions within our combined company, as well as the ad tech industry at large.

We’ve asked a few of our ambassadors for some insights regarding their experience in the ad tech landscape. Questions ranging from what advice they'd give their younger self or to other young women thinking of entering the field; what makes them proud to be a woman in ad tech, as well as what inspired them to enter the field themselves. Take a look at the answers below.

Mallory Faria
Technical Product Owner
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Mallory, Technical Product Owner

"I’d tell my younger self; Stop trying to plan ahead and setting timelines for yourself. Just try to live in the present as much as you can and enjoy where life takes you, there’s no rush. Also, embrace the uncomfortable and accept the changes, that’s how you know you’re growing and learning.“

“If you’re thinking of entering the field; if you love to learn new things and have an interest in technology, take the leap. I now work on the tech side of the business and I’ve honestly learned so much in such a short amount of time. Ad tech is a blossoming industry and we need more women voices!“

Jaclyn Kyre
Business Partner, People & Culture
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Jaclyn, Business Partner, People & Culture

"If you’re planning on entering the field, do it! The industry is constantly evolving. Be comfortable with ambiguity and focus on learning as much as possible.“

”Best piece of advice I’d give to my younger self would be to find a mentor. Having a mentor who advocates for you and will volunteer you for stretch projects, will help you grow your career.”

Vanessa Purchio
Marketing Communications Specialist
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Vanessa, Marketing Communications Specialist

"I believe it’s very difficult to be what you can’t see, which is why it’s very inspiring for me to see women in leadership roles in heavily male-dominated fields that are just as powerful and confident, and make no apologies for being sure of themselves. Looking to the future of this industry and based on what I’ve seen, there is definitely more room for women to make an impact and grow within the ad tech world, to a point where it’s no longer a question of “can I?” but rather, “when I”.

“Honestly, I had no clue what I was getting myself into when I first applied to a role in this field. Luckily, I had amazing colleagues who really helped me along the way and made sure I had every opportunity to learn and absorb as much knowledge as I could. With that being said, for anyone finding themselves in a similar position to where I was at the time, and are hesitating to take the leap into the unknown, there really is no better place to jump than into ad tech. It’s constantly changing, endlessly fascinating and truly a revolutionary industry to be a part of. Also, a cool perk I enjoy is fascinating the hell out of friends and family members at gatherings with small talk about my work – I just look super cool and so can you.“

Amanda Nagode
Senior Product Manager, Publisher Growth and Enrichment
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Amanda, Senior Product Manager, Publisher Growth and Enrichment

"Do not shy away from your curiosity. Asking questions can generate new ideas and facilitate growth. Build your support squad. Female mentors are especially important and can share their own experience navigating the tech industry as a woman.“

Magalie Solof
Director of Business Development
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Meet Magalie, Director of Business Development

"I’m proud to be part of an industry that is constantly evolving! If I could go back in time, I’d tell myself there will be many successful projects and failures ahead, but with patience and hard work, everything will pay off in the end.”

“Success has a different meaning for everyone. It’s important for young women entering the field to first figure out what your goals are and once you set your mind to achieve them, don’t ever give up.”

Courtney Cook
Strategic Account Director
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Meet Courtney, Strategic Account Director

"How quickly this industry evolved was very appealing to me in the beginning, and it inspired me to get involved in the field early on. I loved the idea of getting my foot in the door early to pave the way forward for such a new world.”

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from experience, it’s to never sell yourself short. Dream big and then define a path to get there.“

Casey Bradley
Revenue Operations Manager, Supply
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Meet Casey, Revenue Operations Manager, Supply

"We have an adequate pipeline of females pursuing technology-based degrees, or entering the ad tech field. Being a female in this industry, and hopefully inspiring the next generation of women in ad tech is really compelling to me.“

“Looking ahead to the future of ad tech, there is a need for more women in technical roles and plenty of opportunities for them to rise through the ranks. 2020 has shown us the value of virtual environments, and the role that tech plays in both collaboration and innovation. By encouraging women to embrace technical roles, share resources, and collaborate with one another, there’s no telling the levels of innovation we can reach.”

Cassie Tabert
Sales Enablement Manager
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Meet Cassie, Sales Enablement Manager

"The fast-paced environment and my own curiosity of being in an industry that is constantly evolving and innovating with the times inspired me to get into ad tech. There are so many bright minds and it is inspiring to have the opportunity to collaborate with such talented people. “

“Ad Tech is such an exciting field to be in, and there are so many paths that you can take. I would encourage any woman considering ad tech to go for it and believe in what they are capable of.”

Angela Shelby
Director of Employee Experience
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Meet Angela, Director of Employee Experience

"I’m proud to be able to bring diversity as a Black woman into a male-dominiated field. By having a seat at the table I am able to share my perspective, knowledge and insight as a minority. I’m proud to be in a position in which I can uplift other women and minorities in spaces where we are not commonly seen.”

“Ad tech is a ‘best of both worlds’ type of industry. It’s got all the fun, creative, zany aspects of an agency or start up, but there’s a $400B digital ad market. So it’s fun and creative but it’s also real and makes a real impact.”

Arianne Beauchamp-Gutkin
Account Exective
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Meet Arianne, Account Executive

"The main piece of advice I’d give my younger self is to know your worth. When entering an interview, know what you want out of it, be prepared to negotiate your salary and your work conditions. Have them explain to you the career path in the business and how you can grow within the company over the years.”

“To be one of the few women out there and still being able to make a difference for the company and my team, makes me very proud to be a woman in ad tech. I strive to be the greatest at my job so other women could potentially see that it is possible to be acknowledged and recognized in this company, and within the field at large.”

Anna Wang
Manager of Engineering
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Meet Anna, Manager of Engineering

"Ad tech is an extremely dynamic industry which changes very fast and it also means it has a lot of new challenges. I had a steep learning curve into this industry, and I am proud to be part of it and adapt to this rapidly changing field. Growing in this complex industry definitely makes me confident to deal with other obstacles in my life.”

“Advice I would give to my younger self would be to keep learning, asking questions and also speak your mind. The best way to learn and grow in this field is to talk and have discussions with different people. This also helps me to keep up the pace in this ever changing industry.”

Kate Dye
Product Manager
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Meet Kate, Product Manager

"Advice I’d give to my younger self, as well as any young woman thinking of entering the field, is to never shy away from being the most technical person in the room. If you are that person, be sure to own it. Also, embrace uncertainty—linear career paths are unrealistic, and probably boring. Most important, be sure to wear sunscreen.”

Tejaswini Rao
Product Owner
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Meet Tej, Product Owner

"When I first decided I wanted to transition to Product, I was constantly being told that it would be difficult to start a career in product management without an MBA. Discouraged, I had given up on pursuing that endeavor. As a developer at that time, I decided to work closely with my then PO to understand what the role entailed & what skill set I would need to build up if I wanted to move to product. What I learnt over the course of the next few years was that having a degree in management wasn’t really necessary – it was just a nice asset to have. The next time I decided to switch roles, I didn’t let it hold me back – and here I am today.”

“I would advise my younger self not to limit my potential and be brave enough to go for things that are out of reach, as well as learning how to find & work with a good mentor.”

Katie Hines
Director of Programmatic Strategy
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Meet Katie, Director of Programmatic Strategy

"I’m proud to be working in an industry that drives disruption and is ever-changing. It can be an intimidating field to work in, but we’re all a team at the end of the day. It takes a village to accomplish all we do at the pace we do. I’ve always envisioned myself working at a place where every day was different and unique. I was drawn to the field of ad tech because the industry changes constantly; I feel like I’m continuously learning & growing everyday.”

“To any young woman considering whether ad tech is the right fit for them, I say get out of your comfort zone. Don’t shy away from going after roles you want even if you don’t typically see other women in that role. Live in a place of curiosity and push yourself to question the status quo. If you ever don’t succeed, pivot that learning into a new perspective and future experience.”

Laurine Chassignon
Account Manager, Revenue Optimization
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Meet Laurine, Account Manager for Revenue Optimization

"I was inspired to go into ad tech because it’s a fast-paced industry, I really enjoy the fact there’s always something new coming up; whether it’s a new format or technology. This is a field where you’re challenged to adapt and learn quickly on a regular basis."

"I’d say to any young woman who is thinking of pursuing a career in this field, not to hesitate to look into the different roles and career paths. There’s so much more to ad tech than just writing code. Also, stay curious!"

MariCate Reeves
VP of Supply
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Meet MariCate, VP of Supply

"There are a few things I’d tell my younger self upon entering the field. One, you must understand how the company you work for (or are applying to) actually makes money & how your role contributes.”

“My advice to young women entering the field would be to dive into a startup with a great product and awesome people! The best startups provide an incredible environment to step up and get involved with different teams & projects; access to executive leadership; and the ability to influence product roadmap decisions. Plus, startups often offer the quickest route to adapt to new roles as the company grows and/or as your interests change. Also, don’t be afraid to demand context – be comfortable and confident in asking the “why” in the room no matter your title.”

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