Ads for Humans, Not Just Spreadsheets

Our mission is to ensure the preservation of an open Internet with independent and accessible content funded by quality advertising.

We are the pioneer and leader of a new breed of exchange that auto-enhances every standard impression by rendering a respectful, better looking and higher-performing ad in any placement on any site.

Advertisers get better looking ads and better performance  without any changes to their workflow, while publishers  get differentiated revenue without any changes to their  infrastructure.

Better Looking Ads.
Better Performance.

Ad Template technology That Renders Better Looking Ads
Quality Inventory & Placements
Enhanced Video, Native & Display Ad Products
PMPs You Can’t Get from Other Exchanges
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The Technology Inside
The Enhanced Exchange

Sharethrough’s technology is designed to enhance any asset and make it the best for the placement it’s going to run on.  For a banner asset, we’ll add a headline, brand name, brand logo, and description to help the ad fit in and perform better.  Same goes for a video - particularly helpful for adding value to the impression even if the user doesn’t watch the video.  And for all ads, whether native, display, or video, we render them into our Smart Templates so they fit in with the page and look great to the consumer.

How it works & makes us different

TrueTemplate™ Technology

Balancing ease of integration and scale with custom perfectly crafted templates, Sharethrough begins with a default template to get up and running. TrueTemplate technology examines the surrounding content and crafts a customized template optimizing for performance.  High volume templates undergo human review to increase performance and nativeness.

Maximizing performance and pricing

SmartSuite Publisher Revenue Stack

At each layer of the journey from an impression request to an ad appearing on the page, we apply our SmartSuite.

Smart Floors

Find the optimal floor price to use for each placement.


Determine which impressions DSPs are most likely to bid on.


Normalizes bids for different ad formats so all formats are competiting in our auction fairly.

Proven Industry Leadership

Sharethrough’s process has always been based on hypothesis, experiments, data, and iteration coupled with a human-centered focus in design, sales, and customer care.  The net result is a unique philosophy both in how we build our products and how we approach the market.  Over the years this approach has led us to be the industry in many pioneering ways.

Neuroscience of Native Ads

Early on, we were interested in answering the question of how human brains perceive native ads, and the results were enlightening.  It turns out human brains react to native ads very differently than traditional display ads, primarily because reading the headline is a very different mental process than looking at an image - learn more about these fascinating results here.

Thought and Technology Leaders

Sharethrough was there are the start - launching, chairing the IAB comittee on native, and running the first native-specific conferences.  Later, when native was ready for programmatic, Sharethrough helped write the standards that brought native into the programmatic world.  Lately, Sharethrough’s standards-setting efforts have extended beyond native into fraud and other areas.

client services & support

Rooted in our values of Action, Curiousity, Purpose and Transparency, we have a team of experts available to provide support to both our current and prospective clients and partners.  We believe good customer relationships form long before the actual sale and so we’ll gladly educate and help out any clients wherever we can.

Tools & Resources for the  Industry

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