The DMX Platform is Migrating to Sharethrough For Publishers

Technical Level
May 13, 2021
Andrew Simpson
Director, Marketplace

Following our recent announcement to operate under the Sharethrough company name, publishers are now invited to log in to their new account in the Sharethrough for Publishers (SFP) platform and adjust their header bidding integration in order to be opted into the demand of our unified ad exchange.

District M & Sharethrough have direct connections to all major DSPs, allowing advertisers to easily select the exchange as a supply source on any DSP to run display, video or native campaigns. Additionally, historical performance data is used to optimize and enhance ad placements, allowing advertisers to reach their campaign goals.

At a glance, publishers will benefit from:

To learn more about the next steps on migrating their account and accessing the new platform, publishers can reach out to their account manager.

Andrew Simpson
Director, Marketplace

About the Author

Andrew has been working in digital marketing for nearly a decade, with experience in various roles that touch both the buy and sell sides of the industry. Andrew joined the company in 2017 as a publisher account manager prior to leading the team as of 2020. Never shy to dig into the more granular aspects of Ad Tech, Andrew specializes in programmatic yield optimization & troubleshooting, data analysis and sales engineering. He holds a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Human Relations from Concordia University.

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