The Disruptor Series: Dan Greenberg & the Future of Digital Advertising

Technical Level
May 26, 2021
Vanessa Purchio
Marketing Communications Specialist
"If you believe that you need to earn attention as a brand, it completely changes the creative process."

On the latest episode of The Disruptor Series podcast, Dan Greenberg sheds light on the start of native advertising and the lasting relevance the movement still has in today’s online advertising landscape, and the future of digital advertising.

The concept of native has always emphasized the importance of the user experience; taking content and delivering it in a way that humans actually wish to receive and engage with digital ads. By giving respect to the user, Dan shares ways brands can use this to their advantage & drive effective campaigns without having to sacrifice real human engagement and attention.

Entering an era of cookie-less advertising and privacy, Dan also discusses the existential battle we face to maintain a free and accessible open internet, and the impact tech giants will have on the next chapter of targeting for user privacy.

Listen to the podcast below.

Vanessa Purchio
Marketing Communications Specialist

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