Say Hello to the New Sharethrough!

Technical Level
May 6, 2021
Vanessa Purchio
Marketing Communications Specialist
Today marks a great milestone for Sharethrough as we launch our rebrand, complete with a new logo and visual identity, to symbolize our new transition into the future.

Since merging with District M & choosing to move forward with the name Sharethrough, we felt it was important to mark a fresh start with our branding - starting with our logo! Our brand is the totality of how our audience sees, talks about and experiences our company. Moving forward, we strive to make Sharethrough bring out the best of both worlds with our combined offer and the promise of a new & exciting future ahead as we broaden our horizons.

The Start of Our Journey to Creating a New Logo

At the beginning, we set out to list the first things that came to mind upon reflection of our original logo, from both an objective and subjective perspective.

“S” shape
Represents 3D or layered object
Structured, clean lines, geometric

We then made a list of the several qualities and feelings we wanted our new logo to represent and hopefully evoke. This list included the following:

At this point 2 things became clear: first, we wanted any visual component of our branding including colors, shapes, images, typography, layouts to be aligned with our strategy and create an emotional reaction. We’re a modern, human-centric technology company that strives to innovate & create a sustainable path forward for the future of advertising; our logo has to represent that in some way shape or form - literally. Second, it was apparent we wanted to give something to our community that they could easily make their own. Our brand is as much a part of who we are, as it is a product of our community made up of trusted partners & individuals.

The Process 

Next came the great debate of narrowing down which proposed set of combined shapes best represented our ethos and conjured consensus amongst our team. There were several options, but we’ll spare you the details and skip right towards the one we all agreed had that special spark

Less verticality, more curves which implies softness, simplicity, trust & reassurance.

In the spirit of bringing the best of both Sharethrough & District M together, we sought to deconstruct District M’s logo and reshape it to get closer to an ‘S’ shape, similar to Sharethrough’s original logo. We also softened the straight lines, demonstrating a fluidity to imply flexibility and circularity. As for the color, we chose green for it evoked a sense of trust, respect, prosperity and optimism, in addition to conveying our promise for growth & a fresh new start. 

The sans-serif font complements and brings balance to the logo as a whole. The contrast between a darker and lighter font easies legibility, while also showing a distinction between the words ‘share’ and ‘through’ to break down the length of the word combined. 

Circularity, symmetry, interdependence, the Yin-Yang symbol.

From there, we sought to incorporate our brand message and convey how we view our role within the ecosystem at large. We were greatly inspired by the concept of Yin and Yang,  and this notion of interconnectedness. 

Sharethrough facilitates the exchange between advertisers & publishers, with the user at the center of the interaction.

When the logo is deconstructed, it carries meaning. The two sides represent both publishers & advertisers, and its circular design captures the interdependence of both the buy & sell side of the programmatic landscape, continuously facilitating this endless interaction in a feedback loop. This works in tandem with placing the user at the center, further emphasizing our commitment to putting people first. Combined, it’s meant to show how Sharethrough facilitates the exchange between advertisers and publishers, with the user at the heart of this interaction. 

The Beginning of a New Adventure

Since our business is evolving, our branding needed to reflect a positive change and communicate our new promise and combined offer to existing and future partners in the industry. Our logo is one step we’ve taken to accomplish that - it’s simple, meaningful and exemplary of the harmonious coupling of two rich histories shared between District M & Sharethrough combined. The best is yet to come - and we look forward to showing you more over the next few months.

Vanessa Purchio
Marketing Communications Specialist

About the Author

A newcomer to the programmatic industry, Vanessa joined the company in 2019 working & learning with our business development & partnership team to help grow our market presence in the field. With experience working with various teams on both the buy & sell side as well as product, Vanessa has executed cross-functional projects, events, marketing and PR initiatives for the company. She holds a B.A in International Development & Relations from McGill University.

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