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Sharethrough Ranked the Most Secure Supply-Side Platform by Confiant

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To protect publishers and consumers from bad actors and prevent wasted ad spend, Sharethrough works with Confiant to scan for and remove infected ads.

MONTREAL, December 13, 2022 Sharethrough, one of the top global independent omnichannel ad exchanges, announced today that it was ranked the most secure supply-side platform (SSP) in Q3 2022 by global ad tech security and threat intelligence solutions provider Confiant. Every six months, Confiant releases its Malvertising and Ad Quality Index (MAQ) to compare the security and quality of SSPs, as well as provide insight into new malicious advertising schemes.

According to Confiant, one in every 500 ads is from a cybercriminal. Once the harmful code is snuck onto an ad creative, it can go undetected for hours or days in the bidstream. To combat this, Sharethrough worked alongside Confiant to build a service that sits next to the Sharethrough Exchange and scans the same creative periodically for infected ads. Through Confiant's advanced API systems and algorithms, it can indicate whether an ad creative is infected with malicious code. If an ad creative is flagged as malicious, Sharethrough promptly removes it before it can make its way to publishers' sites and users' devices.

"This recognition from Confiant is an incredible achievement and an honest reflection of our commitment to stopping malicious advertising in its tracks," said Luc Marsolais, COO of Sharethrough. "At a time when malvertising can strike at any moment, we must be vigilant and prioritize protecting advertisers, publishers and consumers from bad actors. Protecting a publisher's site reputation and ensuring advertiser spend isn't being squandered with hijacked creatives is paramount to Sharethrough's mission of creating a safer and cleaner digital advertising ecosystem."

In Q3 2022, the global weighted average of SSP security violations was 0.17%. Sharethrough's efforts to mitigate security threats resulted in it having the lowest security valuation rate among SSPs at 0.002%. To compile the MAQ Index, Confiant analyzed a normalized sample of more than 400 billion ad impressions monitored throughout Q3 2022, across tens of thousands of premium websites and apps.

"Sharethrough has been an incredible partner as we continue our mission to make the digital world safe for everyone," said John Murphy, Chief Strategy Officer at Confiant. "Our real-time verification technology has enabled us to successfully take back control of users' ad experiences from bad actors and Sharethrough's dedication to mitigating security threats has been crucial in making the ecosystem more secure for all."

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About Sharethrough:

Sharethrough is one of the top global independent omnichannel ad exchanges. Driven by our conviction that advertising should be underpinned by respect & care, we believe taking a human-centric approach to advertising and monetization is the key to a sustainable path forward for the independent and accessible internet to thrive. Advertisers & publishers leverage Sharethrough's unique technology to enhance every impression by rendering a higher-performing banner, video, CTV or native ad that dynamically fits into any placement on any site. Our publisher partners benefit from directly-sourced demand, scale, and quality, prioritizing their monetization efforts while elevating performance. With its headquarters in Montreal, Sharethrough has several offices across North America including San Francisco on the west coast & New York City in the east and European headquarters in London.

About Confiant:

Confiant is the cybersecurity industry-leader for ad tech –specializing in detecting and stopping online attacks–as they happen. Now, businesses can stay protected and instantly take back control of the internet browsing experience, with the ultimate ad quality, ad security, and anti-malvertising solution–whether they are owners of the infrastructure serving that experience, or the device on which the person is receiving that experience. Leverage the most intelligent ad tech infrastructure with the data and actionable threat intelligence needed to maximize your protection. Since 2013, Confiant has upheld the safety of, and has protected online users and organizations of all sizes. And after 100+ years of combined experience in online security, their world-class team built the world's only Malvertising Matrix that maps the tactics, techniques and procedures in malvertising today, so that you can stay one step ahead. Trusted by customers like Microsoft, Insider, and IBM.