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Maximize Your Advocacy Campaigns With Sharethrough Enhancements

Achieve your ROI with enhanced ads that deliver better performance across our direct and scaled exchange.

Political Advocacy Groups Face a Common Challenge

With lowering attention, advertisers are struggling to effectively deliver their message.

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Users are overexposed to ads. In fact, they are exposed to


ads on average per day.

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Users are also multitasking. In fact,


of US adults use another device while simultaneously watching TV.

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Attention spans are lower than ever, approximately


lower than a goldfish.

Omnichannel & Omniformat Ad Enhancements—

Maximize Attention with Sharethrough Ad Enhancements

The same banner, video and native ads perform better with Sharethrough than with other exchanges.

Display Countdown

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increase in awareness of promotion date when a countdown is added to a display ad

Source: Research on the Impact of Countdown Enhancements, May 2023.

Dynamic Video Captions

Political advertising campaigns displayed are for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the bottom of the page for our full disclaimer.
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increase in comprehension when captions are added to a video ad

Sharethrough Research Results—

We Tested Commercials With & Without Countdown Overlays on Real Consumers

The result? Consumers that watched a commercial with a Countdown Overlay were 43% more likely to remember when the promotion starts.

Without CTV Enhancement
With CTV Enhancement
more likely to remember when the promotion starts
Political advertising campaigns displayed are for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the bottom of the page for our full disclaimer.
Reach Your Target Audience—

Drive Support and Awareness For Your Mission

First-Party Onboarding with LiveRamp

Onboard your first-party data and translate User IDs into audience segments for deal targeting on the Sharethrough exchange.

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Custom Advocacy Packages

Curated packages optimized to align with your goals and KPI’s.

Categories: Environment , Education, DEI (Black, Asian, Latino, Women and LGBTQ Communities), Business and Economics, Women Owned, Health, Family & Parenting, and more.

Geo-Targeted Packages

Target at Congressional District, Zip, DMA, and State level.

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Disclaimer: Any political advertising campaigns displayed on this page are incidental and serve to demonstrate Sharethrough Inc.'s services, without any intention to influence or advocate for political agendas. The campaigns are strictly for illustrative purposes only. Sharethrough Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates do not endorse, advocate for, or affiliate itself with any political party, candidate, group, association, labour union or other entity, agenda, ideology, or belief system. We remain committed to neutrality in supporting our partners.

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