Back-to-School PMPs—

Get Ready For Back-to-School Season With Sharethrough PMPs

Stand out this Back-to-School season by fitting in with Sharethrough’s TrueTemplate™ technology that helps your video, display and native ads better fit into the site.

Back-to-School Spend


Average consumer Back-to-School spend per household

Back-to-College Spend


Average consumer Back-to-College spend per household

Premium Technology—

Stand Out From the Online Shopping Clutter

As an advertiser, how do you stick out from the online shopping clutter and ensure your advertisements are seen and comprehended by your target audience?

Users Are Overexposed to Ads


Number of ads users are exposed to on average per day.


Users Are Also Multitasking


of US adults use another device while also watching TV.


Attention Span is Lower Than Ever


The average human attention span is now less than a goldfish.

Ads Built For Humans—

Reach Your Audience For Back-to-School Season

Research Shows Humans Pay More Attention to Ads When They Fit In

Sharethrough’s Display & Native ads cut through the clutter and improve shopability.

Humans Better Comprehend
Ads When They Can Read the Message

Sharethrough’s Video & CTV ads technology improve attention and comprehension.

Videos With Dynamic Captions Simply Perform Better

Maximize the Performance of Your Back-to-School Video Campaigns

Standard Video Ad

No context
Interrupted user experience
Low ad recall

Dynamic Captions

Better comprehension
Higher engagement
Better user experience
Optimized ad recall
56% Comprehension
52% Brand Awareness
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The Attention Problem With TV—

How Dynamic QR Codes Can Improve Attention & Effectiveness of Connected TV Ads


of consumers do not pay active attention to TV ads. Once a commercial starts they are most likely to:

Take out
their phone

Switch the

the room

Mute their


The same percentage of people would likely scan a QR Code on a TV ad if the ad is relevant to them.

Premium Publisher Partners—

Your Back-to-School Campaigns Delivered On Premium Publishers Only

Curated list of Education, Family & Parenting, Arts & Entertainment, Tech, Style & Fashion, Food & Drink and Shopping sites optimized to align with your goals and KPIs.

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