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Introducing CTV Sports Ticker by Sharethrough

Drive engagement with our CTV Sports Ticker that enables CTV ads to automatically display the latest scores and schedule of recent Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey and Soccer games.

Automatically Add a Sports Ticker When Targeting Sharethrough
Research-Backed Product Design—

CTV Sports Ticker Increases Attention

Based on a Study of 1,000 Consumers, Sports Fans Are...

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more likely to pay attention to ads if they have a Sports Ticker


more likely to pay attention to CTV ads that have useful content alongside them

Enhancement With Added Value—

Benefits of CTV Sports Ticker

Improves Attention

Sports fans are 91% more likely to pay attention to ads with a Sports Ticker.

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Better Message Comprehension

Sports fans are 14% more likely to comprehend the advertiser’s message with a Sports Ticker.

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Available Across North America

Supported for all major North American DMAs.

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Choose Your Favorite Sport

Choose one or many sports from: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, and more!

Sharethrough Research Results—

We Tested Commercials With and Without CTV Sports Ticker on Real Consumers

The result? Sports fans that watched a commercial with a CTV Sports Ticker were 91% more likely to pay attention to the advertisement.

TV without sports
Without CTV Sports Ticker
Tv with sport ticker
With CTV Sports Ticker
more likely to pay attention with CTV Sports Ticker
Turnkey Activation—

It's Easy: Automatically Add a Sports Ticker When You Target Sharethrough

No additional lift for ad buyers and integrated directly in all major DSPs.

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Two Buyer Options

Buyers have two options: automatically add a Sports Ticker to all their CTV ads on the Sharethrough Exchange, or decide which creatives should showcase a Countdown Overlay.

Automatic With Customization

Want to learn more? Contact one of our experts to build a solution tailored to your needs.

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Always Delivered on Quality Site-Direct CTV Inventory

Sharethrough has direct relationships with hundreds of Connected TV Apps, and we help them to optimize their ad stack to deliver your campaigns efficiently.

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And All This At No Additional Cost

Sharethrough believes enhancements like this only mutually benefit advertisers and consumers, so we include them standard without any increase in CPMs.