CTV Enhancement Suite—

Introducing CTV Dynamic QR Codes by Sharethrough

Our first-to-market product automatically adds QR Codes within CTV ads when targeting Sharethrough Exchange, generating a 12% increase in attention.

It's Easy: Automatically Add a QR Code When Targeting Sharethrough
Research-Backed Design—

CTV Dynamic QR Codes Improves Message Retention

Based on a Study of 1,000 Consumers, TV Watchers Are...


more likely to pay attention to ads featuring a QR Code


likely to have purchased a product using their phone, tablet or laptop right after watching an ad for it on TV

Added Value Enhancement—

Benefits of CTV Dynamic QR Codes

Improves Attention

Consumer attention increases by 12% when a QR Code is added to CTV ads.

Performance Reporting

Provides a new level of performance reporting not available with standard TV or CTV ads.

Easy Implementation

Automatically add QR Codes with custom branding and call-to-action options.

No Extra Costs for Advertisers

Free with any CTV spend on the Sharethrough
Exchange (STX).

Sharethrough Research Results—

We Tested Commercials With & Without QR Codes on Real Consumers

The result? Consumers that watched a commercial with a QR Code were 12% more likely to pay attention.

Without CTV Dynamic QR Codes
With CTV Dynamic QR Codes
increase in attention with CTV Dynamic QR Codes
In The Press—

A Product That Has People Talking

Our CTV Dynamic QR Codes product has gained a lot of attention in the press. See what people are saying in the articles below:

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"Scan Rate” reporting provides directional indication of the engagement and attention to the brand’s offering.
Performance Reporting—

Finally, Some Performance Reporting for Connected TV Ads

CTV ads with our QR Code technology will provide brands with more performance reporting options, therefore allowing advertisers to better optimize their connected TV placements.

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The Attention Problem With TV—

How Dynamic QR Codes Can Improve Attention & Effectiveness of Connected TV Ads


of consumers do not pay active attention to TV ads. Once a commercial starts they are most likely to:


Take out
their phone

Switch the

the room

Mute their


The same percentage of people would likely scan a QR Code on a TV ad if the ad is relevant to them.

76% Blue - pie graph
Turnkey Activation—

It's Easy: Automatically Add Countdown Overlay When You Target Sharethrough

No additional lift for ad buyers and integrated directly in all major DSPs or Sharethrough Managed Service.

Get Started

Two Buyer Options

Buyers have two options: automatically add QR Codes to all their CTV ads on the Sharethrough Exchange, or decide which creatives should showcase a QR Code.

Automatic With Customization

Want to learn more? Contact one of our experts to build a solution taiored to your needs.

Premium CTV Inventory—

Always Delivered on Quality Site-Direct CTV Inventory

Sharethrough has direct relationships with hundreds of Connected TV Apps, and we help them to optimize their ad stack to deliver your campaigns efficiently.

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All This At No Additional Cost

Sharethrough believes enhancements like this only mutually benefit advertisers
and consumers, so we include them standard without any increase in CPMs.

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