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Improve Performance & Efficiency with Sharethrough PMPs

Work with dedicated set-up, monitoring and troubleshooting experts to activate premium audience, marketplace and inventory packages for higher performance and efficiency.

Private Marketplaces

Custom access to specific inventory and audiences for direct buyer partners.

Enhanced Exchange PMPs

Opt-in to large scale pre-existing performance and category based multi-publisher deals through our publisher direct inventory.

Direct Integration To All Major DSPs

Ease of access through leading DSPs.

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Access to Our Premium Marketplace—

Access Enhanced Exchange PMPs to Drive Higher Performance

Proprietary Private Marketplace Deals you can't get from other exchanges for both Audience and KPI based segments.


Sharethrough PMPs Drive Higher Performance

CTR (Clickthrough Rate)
> 0.70%
CPC (Cost Per Click)
< $0.50
VCR (Video Completion Rate)
> 70%
> 70%

Custom PMPs

Off-the-Shelf & Custom PMPs Available, such as High VCR, Native High CTR & High Viewability for Display, Video, Native and more!