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Sharethrough’s Native Ads Deliver Top Lift in Offline Sales for Sparkling Ice

Food & Beverage

Higher Percent Sales Lift per Household


Higher Dollar Lift per Household


Higher Lift than CPG Average


Sparkling Ice, a sparkling water brand, was looking to increase HH penetration with non-customers and increase buy rate from current customers. Sparkling Ice created dynamic creative messaging tailored to 4 audience segments delivered through Sharethrough’s native ads. IRi tracked the impact on in-store sales of Sparkling Ice for each media partner, including Sharethrough. Compared to other media partners, Sharethrough was one of the top 2 drivers of sales lift.


United States

Campaign Goals

Raise Awareness, Increase HH Penetration for Non-Customers, Increase Buy Rate for Current Customers

Ad Format


Creative Type

Native Display

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Our Research Confirms the Better Ads Fit in, the Better they Perform

Our TrueTemplate™ Tech delivers better fitting ads by automatically analyzing the surrounding environment of the ad to match size, fonts & colors. With TrueTemplate™ Tech, Sharethrough native ads delivered on the same sites as the competition deliver a 2.8x higher CTR.

Results of Sparkling Ice's Native Campaign

By leveraging Sharethrough’s native ads to their campaign, Sparkling Ice increased all branding metrics and saw a top lift in offline sales.

Compared to the average of the other media partners, the results revealed that Sharethrough's native ads delivered a 44% higher percent sales lift per household and 40% higher dollar lift per household. Additionally, they delivered a 7x higher lift than CPG average!

Based on these results, Sparkling Ice renewed their partnership with Sharethrough.

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