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Red Robin Increases All Brand Metrics & Media Efficiency with Dynamic Video Captions

Food & Beverage

Increase in Message Comprehension of Red Robin's Video Campaign


Increase in Brand Awareness of Red Robin's Video Creatives


Video Completion Rate (14% Higher Than Benchmark)


Red Robin was looking to increase brand awareness and consideration, and evaluate the success of a net new partnership. We tested Red Robin’s videos with and without dynamic captions on real humans, asking participants questions on awareness and comprehension. Adding Dynamic Captions to Red Robin’s video increased brand lift for all metrics; including viewers’ ability to comprehend the message of the ad by a whopping 41%.


United States

Campaign Goals

Brand Awareness, Improve Attention & Comprehension, Consideration

Ad Format


Creative Type

Dynamic Video Captions

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We Tested Red Robin's Creatives With and Without Dynamic Video Captions

Dynamic Video Captions were applied on Red Robin's video ad tags. In order to test the effectiveness the delivery of video ads had on comprehension, Sharethrough showed participants several videos with and without Dynamic Captions. The videos were followed by a list of questions to assess the impact they had on consumers’ message comprehension and awareness.

Results of Red Robin's Video Advertising Campaign

By adding Sharethrough’s Dynamic Video Captions to their campaign, Red Robin increased brand lift for all brand metrics while improving efficiency.

The results revealed Dynamic Captions delivered an increase in every major brand metric including a 41% increase in message comprehension and a 9% increase in brand awareness

Additionally, with Dynamic Captions, Red Robin's video delivered better attention and comprehension than the editorial content on the page! The VCR performance was also 14% higher than industry benchmarks.

*Based on industry average provided by Jounce Media.

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