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If you wish to opt-out of the sale/transfer of your personal information/personal data, please follow the instructions below.

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Sharethrough offers you multiple options to opt-out of the personalized advertising that may be served to you by our technology platform. This includes meeting the requirements to opt-out of the “sale” of your personal information as required California privacy law, to opt-out of the transfer of your personal data under European law, and your general rights to stop the distribution of your personal data/personal information.

Please find below the methods by which you may opt-out of personalized advertising. Kindly note, opting-out of personalized advertising does not mean you will no longer see online ads, it simply means you will not see ads tailored to your personal interests.  

WebBrowser Option to Opt–Out

To opt-out of the Accessing of your Data for personalized advertising, please visit the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page: and select “opt-out” under Sharethrough. Please note, when you opt-out, an opt-out cookie will be stored on your web browser signaling your opt-out preference to Sharethrough.

If your browser is configured to block third-party cookies, then this opt-out cookie may not work. If you delete your browser cookies, you will need to opt-out again. The opt-out will only apply to the specific browser in which you set it, and the opt-out must be repeated for each different browser.

Mobile Opt-Out

Please find below information on how to opt-out of receiving personalized advertising on your mobile device.

Option 1: Visit aboutads, download the Digital Advertising Alliance’s AppChoices mobile app, and follow the instructions provided in the AppChoices mobile app.

Option 2: Adjust the advertising preferences on your mobile device: In iOS – please visit Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking;In Android – please visit: Settings > Google > Ads > Opt out of interest-based ads.

More information on your mobile opt-out choices can be found here.

Television & Digital Video Programming Opt-Out

Digital video programming devices (such Smart TVs and apps on Smart TVs) may give you the ability to opt-out of personalized advertising. To determine if your device has these options, please visit your device’s setting menu(s). Please consult the following guidance for consumer choice mechanisms on various connected devices:

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