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Sharethrough for Publishers (SFP)

SFP enables publishers to create, manage, and sell in-feed ads across every platform. Top publishers and app developers use SFP to drive revenue through advertising that respects user experience and commands premium rates.

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The Sharethrough Platform

Sharethrough Exchange (STX)

STX is the world’s largest, highest performing, and most premium exchange for the distribution of quality brand content. Brands use STX to distribute all forms of content, including video, editorial, and social, into the feeds of the web’s best sites.

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Sharethrough supports desktop, tablet and mobile

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Call us crazy, but we believe brands have the power to create content that truly adds value to people’s lives. Check out our curated databases to stay up-to-date on the best in brand content.

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Content, Not Ads

Leading Edge Technology

SFP and STX are the first advertising exchange and ad server built from the ground up for content, not traditional ads. That’s why our engineers are tackling the hardest problems in big data, machine learning and auction theory.

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