The Largest Direct Supplier of Native Ads

STX is the first ad exchange built from the ground up for programmatic native advertising.

In-Feed Ads

Native is the Standard for Modern Advertising

Advertisers are projected to spend $21B on native advertising by 2018* because, simply stated, it works. Native, in-feed ads are shown to receive 308x more visual focus and drive 18% higher purchase intent than banner ads, making them the ideal key tactic for brand advertising.**

* BI Intelligence
** A Neuroscience Perspective

OpenRTB 2.3

Native Supply for the Programmatic Ecosystem

With full support of the industry standard OpenRTB 2.3 protocol, STX can easily be integrated into any 2.3-enabled buying platform. For platforms that haven’t upgraded to 2.3, the process is simple and similar to supporting buying Facebook and Twitter ads.

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Sharethrough for Publishers

High-Quality Inventory Direct from the Source

STX buyers don’t have to worry about avoiding low-quality inventory from third party suppliers. Every native ad impression on STX is sourced directly from publisher clients creating and managing their native inventory with our industry-leading supply-side platform, Sharethrough for Publishers.

Global Reach

Native at Scale

STX brings unprecedented cross-platform scale to buying platforms offering native supply. With over 3 billion monthly impressions across 270 million global uniques, any audience can be reached with impactful native ads.

Real-Time Templating

Native Ad Serving Made Simple

Gone are the days of endless creative sizes — all buyers need to provide are a headline, thumbnail, brand name and content URL. Our Real-time Templating technology handles the rest, dynamically rendering the raw elements as pixel-perfect native ads and saving buyers the hassle of ad serving.