One time CMS integration

Deploy a small snippet of code onto your sponsored page. Once we can confirm the CMS integration, create an unlimited volume of content from within the Sharethrough platform, all following the style guide of your provided template.

Create and share a library of content

Sharethrough’s Sponsored Pages feature requires a one-time integration for each template. Create as many pieces of content on as many templates as you’d like, all generating unique and shareable URL’s.

Robust on-page analytics

After creating your content, provide your stakeholders with robust on-page analytics that measure everything from average attention minutes to scroll depth. Take screenshots, or export your data to an excel sheet to make your insights shareable and actionable.

Tech Specs

  • Content Type: all content types supported
    • Image galleries, special animations, backgrounds, etc. are all possible depending on the publisher’s page capabilities
  • Analytics: any third-party analytics package can be included on the page
  • Trafficking: creative is trafficked via DFP; the page itself doesn’t need any trafficking

Create A Sponsored Page

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