Don’t let your impressions go to waste.

Traffic, manage, and prioritize all of your native demand sources from within the SFP dashboard to ensure that every single native impression gets filled at maximal value. SFP’s sophisticated waterfall functionality allows publishers to allocate native impressions to the highest performing demand sources - no additional development work required.

Protect your development resources.

Most native demand sources require Javascript files on page. With SFP’s Mediation feature, you can serve any and all of your partners’ tags without any additional development work -- SFP.js is the only tag you’ll need.

All of your native revenue in one place.

Traditionally, yield managers have had to download and consolidate multiple Excel files to get an accurate picture of their total native revenue. With Mediation, not only can you traffic and prioritize all of your native demand in one place, but you can also view all of your native revenue from a single reporting interface.

Maximize the value of every single impression.

Your impressions are valuable, so don’t let them go to waste. Using SFP’s Mediation feature, identify demand partners that are losing impressions and costing you revenue. Prioritize your networks accordingly so that the highest performing demand partners are seeing the most impressions and generating maximum revenue to all of your sites and placements.

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