Content served with a purpose.

Every user that visits your site is an opportunity to drive revenue. Whether it’s an affiliate marketing program or a full-page takeover, identify pages that have the highest potential for revenue and surface them to users using Sharethrough’s Featured Content. The more users that see your content, the more likely they are to convert. Featured Content supports any website or feed of content, from Instagram and YouTube to RSS and Meaningful Content Fund  -- a curated feed of the best content from across the web.

You have great content. Show it off.

Higher user engagement means better performance for buyers. With Sharethrough’s Featured Content, weave your most valuable social or editorial content into your native placements to increase the likelihood of users engaging with your unit. Higher engagement rates mean you can charge more for your direct buys and generate more revenue in the Sharethrough Exchange.

No impression left unfilled.

With Sharethrough’s Featured Content, promote any piece of content to serve in the event that no other campaigns (direct or indirect) fill your native impressions. Whether it’s an Instagram feed or affiliate marketing program, traffic any website or feed of content to ensure that you are maximizing the value of every single native impression.

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