Engage with users in a new way.

Click-outs can be a deterrence, often distracting and straying users away from your site. A majority of the major social platforms--Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and LinkedIn--have done away with click-outs and created their own versions of the content card. Sharethrough’s Content Engagement Ads now allow you to offer the same. Promote any piece of content, all within the context of your own properties.

Support for all types of content.

Content Engagement Ads support any type of content -- editorial, social, and video. In fact, some of our advertiser clients have already started promoting their own content using Sharethrough cards. Thus far, we’ve seen our advertisers' video cards outperform standard clickout video by 15%.

To promote a piece of content using Sharethrough’s Content Engagement Ads, simply copy and paste the content URL into the Sharethrough platform, or customize your sponsored content within our editor.

Assess performance with robust analytics.

Sharethrough provides the analytics to precisely measure and maximize your content’s performance. Assess completion rates for card hosted videos, or optimize time spent on page for sponsored content. Regardless of content type, offer advertisers an immersive content experience without sacrificing performance.

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