What is viewability?

Viewability is a measure of whether or not an ad had a chance to bee seen by a user. The IAB standard for a viewable display ad is 50% in-view for at least one second.

Why does viewability matter?

54% of standard display ads are not viewable 1 . In-feed ads are meant to be seen. In addition to being visible, they have a high impression value, appearing with organic content on sites and apps.

How it works

Sharethrough is the first native ad platform where you only pay for viewable impressions, in a vCPM. We partner with Moat to provide third-party viewability verification to ensure every ad meets the IAB standard.

Tech Specs

  • Every impression is viewable by IAB standards
  • Use Moat for third-party verification and tracking
  • Moat data is seen in Sharethrough reporting
  • Advertisers can login directly to Moat dashboard

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