Overcome Skimming Behavior with Native Video

It’s no secret that today’s viewer is a multi-tasker, prone to skimming over vast quantities of content throughout the day. Video is not immune to that behavior, with the top video consumption platforms reporting average mobile completion rates under 25%. Video View Ads tackle that problem by pairing in-feed video with native ad headlines, allowing brands to deliver a key message before the viewer even clicks and maximizing earned view time.

Supercharge Existing Video Assets with Native Ad Headlines

Brands that are investing heavily in pre-roll and outstream video can quickly and effortlessly transform the same content into powerful native ads. Simply take existing 15- and 30-second spots and add a smart, engaging headline (Sharethrough’s copy experts can help) to instantly breathe new life into video assets and level up the impact of the creative.

Encourage View Time with Silent Instant Play

Video View Ads start playing silently the instant they become viewable, allowing advertisers to immediately engage their audience and pull them deeper into their brand story. Viewers can preview the content without disruption then simply tap for audio and expansion.

Deliver Optimized Video on Every Platform

People aren’t just watching video on desktop these days. Brands have to ensure that they’re delivering seamless omnichannel video as smartphones and tablets are seeing massive rises in video consumption. Video View Ads host the video files, enabling Sharethrough to optimize for device and placement to deliver the best possible viewing experience.

Inform Future Campaigns with Native Video Analytics

The Sharethrough Ad Manager dashboard gives buyers access to all their analytics needs. With quartile completion reporting, split headline testing and more, brands are equipped with the tools to optimize native video ads and the insights to improve the next campaign.

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