Drive Brand Lift

In today’s feed-driven environment, people read stories and define their perception of the world by scrolling through headlines. Modern brands use native advertising to get their stories into the feeds of sites and apps that users are already reading. With Sharethrough Ads, every impression is an opportunity to launch a product, tell a customer story, and create meaningful brand lift. In fact, Sharethrough Ads’ combination of headline, thumbnail and brand name is proven to drive an 18% lift in purchase intent.

Ensure Your Story is Heard

People see banners, but they truly read native ads. If the goal is time and attention, Sharethrough Ads receive twice as much visual focus and produce 308x more consumer attention time than banners, giving brands a robust platform for storytelling.

Deliver on Brand Goals, from Reads to Video Views

Brands are using an expansive palette of content to tell their stories. The Sharethrough Ads product family includes multiple content formats to distribute virtually any form of content and drive a variety of secondary KPIs. With Content Engagement Ads, Video View Ads, and Website Ads, marketers can match their content goals with the most effective native format.

Waste Not

Every Sharethrough Ad impression is 100% viewable and verified by MOAT, so not a single penny of ad spend is wasted. Learn more about viewability »

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