Effortlessly Scale Content Outside of Walled Gardens

Brands are investing heavily in platforms: from creating and promoting posts within Tumblr to creating and promoting videos within Facebook. The challenge is maximizing the investment in content created on closed platforms. With Continuous Campaigns, Sharethrough enables brands to easily extend all of that content as native ads in the feeds of the best sites and apps.

Amplify Any Feed of Content

With Sharethrough’s Continuous Campaigns, brands can plug any content feed directly into Sharethrough Ad Manager (SAM) to quickly create an always-on campaign and extend the reach of existing content. Simply paste the RSS feed or social media handle into SAM to instantly begin pulling stories into the platform.

Keep Campaigns Fresh

New content from the loaded feed automatically surfaces in the SAM dashboard with approvals only a click or two away. Manually approve new creatives for greater control, or turn on auto-approval to have SAM push any new content live.

Promote the Best Stories

Sharethrough’s Continuous Campaigns can optimize at both the campaign and the creative level, ensuring that brands are always promoting your most engaging content and maximizing the value of every impression.

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