Unlock Distribution for All Content

Today’s media landscape offers a wide variety of content types for brand storytelling, all with their own inherent connotations. From tapping the implied artistry of Instagram to the editorial halo of publisher-created sponsored content, smart brands are embracing platforms that align with their core values. In the past, all that content would have been constrained to the platform it was created on. With Content Engagement Ads from Sharethrough, brands can now extend stories outside of their creation platforms and embed them directly in the feeds of the best sites and apps. Content is displayed seamlessly in content cards, enabling brands to drive time spent with their messages without having to worry about building unique audiences for all of their content destinations.

Let Creativity Run Wild with the Flexible Card Editor

Content Engagement Ads come equipped with powerful set of tools to customize the card experience. Brands are able to create everything from galleries to vibrant articles within the card itself by using a simplified content blocks and pages system or a rich text editor. With this much control, cards can be tailored to create a powerful platform for every piece of content.

Give Audiences Instant Access to Stories

More than ever, users want instant gratification. They are allergic to load times and avoid clicking out to new destinations. With cards, brands are able to instantly load content directly in the feed and seamlessly deliver their story.

Evolve Your Brand Story

One of the keys to effective content marketing is understanding what resonates with an audience. Content Engagement Ads help brands uncover their strongest stories by surfacing metrics like view time and shares to see how users are interacting with the content.

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