Senior Developer


As an engineer at Sharethrough you’ll work on various projects spanning frontend and backend development.  You’ll be responsible for building the ad rendering engine that powers websites such as Disney, CNN, VICE, and CBSi. Complementing the engine is a suite of tools and enhancements to support both our internal team and external partners, ensuring our ad units are the most compatible with the ever evolving ad ecosystem.

What you'll be doing

  • Having a say: You’ll help drive the problem definition and solution process with a diverse group of people across engineering, product, and the company as a whole.
  • Proper engineering: Writing JavaScript that is performant, well-tested, and easy to maintain.  You’ll not only write code, but you’ll understand and contribute to the why and the how behind it.
  • Technical heavy lifting: You’ll architect and implement major components of an ambitious technical roadmap.
  • Deploying code on your first day: We push to production on every commit via our  continuous integration and deployment pipeline.

Let's talk if

  • You’ve shipped software: You have production experience with a nice bit of our stack: JavaScript, SQL, React (is a plus), etc. and for the parts you don’t, you’re excited to learn.
  • You care about code: You take pride in development, and have a deep understanding of how to write high quality, maintainable, extensible software.
  • You like to explore and lead: You enjoy new challenges, and leading the charge in optimizing and improving how things are done. Exploring new frameworks and methodologies is an intrinsic part of our DNA and hopefully is a part of yours.
  • You want to derive meaning from what you do: Every engineer here is excited to understand what problem they’re solving, why they’re solving it and who they’re solving it for.

Why you'll love working at Sharethrough with your teammates

  • Values-driven culture: You’d be walking into a welcoming and diverse environment that is built around action, optimism, purpose and transparency.  We’ve built a fun, supportive culture, and firmly believe in what we’re doing.
  • Marry the problem, not the solution: We’re constantly re-evaluating our technical infrastructure to deliver faster, better, and more reliable software.
  • Grow and flourish: We’re committed to the individual development and growth of everyone. Your team wants everyone to succeed and you’ll be encouraged to deepen your role with clear objectives and career path planning and support.
  • Investment time: Each iteration you'll have dedicated time to dig deeper and explore new technologies, frameworks, etc. This is time set aside for you and the team as an investment in you, and you'll have the chance to share any new insights with your team.

What's In It For You?

  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Generous group health insurance plan
  • Access to the virtual healthcare platform Dialogue
  • Access to the company's stock option plan
  • 16 days of vacation per year, which increases with seniority at the company
  • Offices closed during the holidays
  • Wellness allocation of $840 per year (for gym memberships, sportswear, etc.)
  • In-house training programs on our company and industry
  • Encouragement and funding of continuing education and training
  • Very active social committee and free online sports classes
  • Access to a tool that measures your engagement and job satisfaction anonymously
  • Pairing with a buddy for your first 6 months
  • Advantageous referral program
  • Inclusive, inspiring, and dynamic work environment
  • Casual dress code
  • Work from home and flexible hours
  • And more!

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