The Benefits Of Native, Brought to Display and Outstream

For marketers looking to tap into the power of native ads but avoid additional creative development, the Enhanced Ads Program automagically transforms banners and videos into flexible ads that fit in and perform 100% better than the original unenhanced asset.

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Introducing Enhanced Ads

No additional creative development. No added media fees. Integrated into your existing campaign setup workflow, whether programmatic or direct, or within any DSP.

Enhanced Display

Converting banners to Enhanced Display improves CTR by an average of 2.5X.

Enhanced Outstream

Adding a headline to a video that fits the design of a site improves brand lift by an average of 9% and completion rate by 37% vs no headline.

Target At STX And It Will Automatically Become An Enhanced Ad

Built for brand marketers to cut through the clutter of the ad tech supply chain and serve ads that humans actually see and read.

For Traders: Integrated with 30+ DSPs

For Planners: Available for Direct Buys

No New Creative Development Needed

Supports Standard Banners, Rich Media, and Outstream Video — All Enhanced Automagically

Free for All STX Buyers

Standard Branded Headlines

Unlimited Impressions Served

Reach Humans With Ads They Actually Read

Most banners have text. Studies prove people do not reads those words, but they do read headlines when ads are designed fit in naturally to the page. Reading words is vital to comprehension of a brand’s message. Sharethrough’s Enhanced Ads act as a technology layer that translates your old creatives into the formats needed to both drive comprehension and improve performance metrics. If the words mattered enough to put them into the banner, why not get people to actually read them?

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This Sounds Too Easy. How Does This Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to change anything in my DSP? How does this actually work?

For video, no changes to your workflow. Just include STX as a supply source on any existing video campaign and select ‘Sharethrough’ as your outstream supply source. Measure performance through the exact same systems and methods that your teams already use. For display, simply send your 300x250 JS Banner tag to Sharethrough and our Enhanced Ads Platform will send back a pixel to traffic in your DSP’s Native workflow. Later this year you will be able to traffic it directly through your DSP’s Display workflow.

Do I have to make custom creatives?

No, just use your standard banners or video creatives.

How do I know that the enhanced ads that run won't be weirdly off-brand?

Your full 300x250 will load unchanged. For the headline, the Enhanced Ads Platform uses the approved text from the banners as well as human oversight to develop copy that should not require any additional creative approvals.

What kind of reporting will I get?

For programmatic buyers, since STX is just an inventory source for an existing banner campaign, all standard media and performance reporting will be available in your DSP for free. Easily compare the performance of Enhanced Ads (CTR/CPC/VCR/CPV/etc) against your other ad sizes.

How do I know if Enhanced Ads will perform better?

On average, Enhanced Ads deliver CTR’s that are 2.5X higher than standard banner ads. However, since STX is simply just another inventory source on an existing campaign, your buying team will automatically optimize up and down based on performance, like any other media partner that runs standard banners.

Does this also work for rich media banners?


What kind of Brand Insights will I get?

Your Enhanced Ads dashboard will present real time analytics showing the enhanced ads that are running, their performance, and insights into how your ads are performing against different audiences and in different contexts. Included in the PLUS and PREMIUM package is a monthly business review where the STX team synthesizes insights and presents them to your extended teams. This includes things like: what language works best for your brand, what words stand out as high performing, what thumbnails drive the most engagement, and more. Your team can take these insights and apply them broadly.

And this works for video campaigns?

Yes, you can go into your DSP, find any live campaign with video creatives, then add STX as an inventory source, and everything will simply just work.

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