Southwest Airlines Banners to Native 3-Day Sale


Southwest wanted to reach travel intenders to promote a 3-day sale on specific routes with the ultimate goal of getting travelers to take a search action on They only had banner creative but Sharethrough helped convert banners assets into native. To accommodate the short flight and aggressive CPA goals, Sharethrough created a first-look priority deal to maximize reach against the target audience. To optimize towards the most efficient CPA, 1P, 3P and comScore IAB Digital Interest audiences were tested simultaneously. Overall, the comScore IAB Digital Interest targeting outperformed other tactics, driving 2.9X - 5.5X lower CPAs.


In-Market, 1st Party Data, 3rd Party Data, IAB Digital Interest, DSP - Amobee, PMP - Priority

Campaign Goals

DR - Ticket Sales, Seasonal Push, Direct Response

Ad Format


Creative Type

DR - Ticket Sales, Seasonal Push, Direct Response

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