AMEX Runs Native Display Across Multiple Lines of Business



AMEX was approved to start running Sharethrough Native Display across multiple lines of business including personal savings, refer-a-business, consumer marketing and Marriott Bonvoy. Native Display was added into the tactical mix to combat Banner blindness across standard display supply paths and drive qualified site traffic. This campaign ran on a custom deal ID through DV360 leveraging Google Proprietary data on a Run of Exchange Deal ID, pre-filtered for high viewability, to maximize match rates. AMEX’s primary goal was efficient cost per landing page views as well as cost per application for the Marriott Bonvoy Business Credit Card. Sharethrough exceeded the cost per landing page and cost per application goals vs. the competition.


DSP - DV360, 1st Party Audience Segments, 3rd Party Audience Segments

Campaign Goals—

DR - Traffic Driver, Efficient Cost Per Landing Page Views

Ad Format—


Creative Type—

Native Display

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