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Frantz Saintellemy


Frantz Saintellemy is an internationally recognized expert in advanced technologies with over 20 years of experience in automotive, IoT, sensing, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence.

An entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor, and philanthropist, he is President and COO of LeddarTech, a leader in ADAS and AD sensing, fusion and perception technologies and chairman of Groupe 3737, an incubator / accelerator and entrepreneurial innovation hub that helps entrepreneurs leverage technology and innovation to scale their businesses and help transform one of the most underprivileged neighbourhoods in Canada.

Mr. Saintellemy has founded or co-founded several start-ups with multiple exits and has several published patents and papers to his credit. In addition to angel investing and he mentors young entrepreneurs, sits on several boards and advisory committees including University of Montreal, APMA, AQT and a founding member of Quebec’s Innovation Board. Mr. Saintellemy is an experienced public speaker with over 600 conferences, keynotes and presentations across the globe on technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and more recently on a new series called he refers to as “Competitive Fitness™”.

Board of Directors